U.S. Joongang Montessori Institute is a private vocational institution that is approved to operate by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education and is specialized in accelerated training for a career in early Childhood education with the Montessori Method.

Maria Montessori saw much need for reform in the educational system of her day, just as we see the same need for reform in our educational system today. Montessori’s system is based on a strong belief in the spontaneous working of the human intellect. Her three primary principles are observation, individual liberty, and preparation of the environment. These principles and their various practical expressions with children are gradually becoming part of our educational system. Our goals for each USJMI program are as follows: 6 months (144 class hours and 200 practicum hours at a total of 344 hours) for the Montessori Education Certificate Program; and 4 months (136 class hours 80 practicum hours at a total of 216 hours) for the Early Childhood Education Program.

U.S. Joongang Montessori Institute offers the most practical, up-to-date comprehensive early childhood education programs available. We pride ourselves on our outstanding faculty members and our learning environments, which enable our graduates to enter the work force as well-prepared candidates in the shortest possible time.

Our Early Childhood Education Program and Montessori Education Certificate are designed to teach our students a unique set of skills for immediate employment in the early childhood education field. The success of our programs will result in the acceptance of our graduates in the early childhood education field.



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Dr. Soon K Choi, Dean