U.S. Joongang  Montessori Institute strives to provide each student a positive and creative environment within which to study the early childhood education. We believe that work should be personally fulfilling, and our goal is to train students  for a new career in the early childhood education field.   Our school programs provide a stepping stone for all our graduates who can successfully work with young children as well  as a life-long and personally satisfying career. Students will be equipped with basic and advanced knowledge required to work in the fields related to early childhood education, day care, home care, after school care, and extended child care occupations.


    1. Option for a Child Care Credential
    2. Knowledge of child development theory and practice, and current child care laws and regulation
    3. Direct work experience with a model teaching team
    4. Knowledge of community resources
    5. An on-campus preschool laboratory serving infants through school age children with the mission to provide:
        • Direct work experience in a model preschool program in an atmosphere of cultural diversity, free from bias that demonstrates developmentally appropriate practices with young children and their families;
        • A secure, nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool children;
        • A model partnership with parents and community;
        • Leadership as a model child care facility, offering technical assistance to the local child care community and developing the job market for our graduates; and
        • A working environment for a professional staff, which exemplifies quality principles of teamwork, effective communication, continuous improvement and commitment to the mission.